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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Control address bar access in Firefox with the old shortcut [F6](Firefox)

               So far, you could jump directly to the entry in the address bar by pressing the [F6] key. However, from version 4 onwards, pressing F6 takes you to the current active tab.
               With [F6], the focus always shifts to the topmost element in the window. As it is the tab bar, the active tab is selected. However, pressing [Tab] once again is enough to set the cursor in the address bar. In the newer versions of Firefox pressing F6 will focus on the active tab instead of the address bar. You can change this by deactivating the “Tabs on top” option. For this, right click in a free area in the tab bar and deactivate the “Tabs on top” option. After this address bar will become the top most element followed by the tab bar. So when you press F6 you will be taken to top most element that is the address bar. Another easier option to reach the address bar directly is using the key combination [Ctrl] + [L
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