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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Enable additional functions(Google Maps, Internet)

             You want to use Google Maps as an atlas, but to make it more convenient, you want some additional functions.
             Google constantly develops new features – for its online atlas as well. As long as the new features are in the test phase they are not usually available by default although they have been selected and enabled. In addition to a distance measuring device, the various improved zooming options are interesting. Go to Google maps. Click the Options icon to the upper right and then select "Maps Labs". In the following dialog box, select the required feature, click the “Activate" option, and “Save Changes”.
             The “Distance measuring device” can be enabled or disabled only via an icon in the lower left of the path scale. You can define the start and end points of the path measurement by clicking on the marker. The path is retained even in case of other actions till you reset it using the “Reset” button to the left. Since it functions in all measures, you can also plan and measure cycle tours, city tours etc. in addition to travel plans.
             Another practical addition is the “Drag and Zoom” function. It displays a new symbol under the usual zoom bar. After you click it just draw a rectangle around the area you wish to zoom and it will zoom out in the desired field.


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