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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Adopt signatures and templates from an older version in MS Outlook 2003,07,10

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               You have integrated your new PST file (Personal Store) after switching to a new version or after reformatting your computer. But some data, such as the email signatures, etc. is missing.
               Outlook saves elements such as signatures, templates and regulations not in the PST fi le, but in the Registry or  in  separate  fi les in the user profile under Windows. In order to adopt these signatures, take a backup of these files from the old version or retrieve them. For this, browse to the folder ‘C:\Documents
and Settings\[User Name]\Application Data\Microsoft\Signatures' of the old system  or  the  backup  in  Windows Explorer under XP. In case of Vista or Windows 7, the folder is located in ‘C:\User\[User Name]\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Signatures’. Copy all the relevant fi les. There is a TXT, HTML and
RTF fi le for every signature so that it is compatible with various email formats.
              Go to the new system on which Outlook is installed. Depending on the OS, browse to the relevant data folder and copy the saved signature files. If a sub-folder is required and there isn't one, create it. The next time you compile a message, you will see the signatures again. For automatic application, open a new message. Click ‘Signature’ in the menu bar and then click ‘Signatures’. You can then select and edit signatures individually  in  the  next  dialog  box.  Define the default in the upper right combination fields. Under that, you can define different signatures for ‘New Messages’ and for ‘Replies/Forwards’. Repeat the process for all other mail accounts. Click ‘OK’ to apply the configuration.
NOTE:  You can use the same procedure to adopt templates from your old Outlook version. The required files are located in the ‘Templates’ sub-folder now instead of the ‘Signatures’ sub-folder but in the same location in the directory structure. Copy all the existing OFT files from there and paste them in the new system.


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