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Monday, September 19, 2011

Hide unused libraries in Windows Explorer

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              The Libraries function in Windows 7 help in structuring data. But a lot of users still prefer the conventional folder structure.
              In such a case, you can hide the libraries and thus make space for displaying more folders. For this, right click the first library ‘Pictures’ and select the context command ‘Do not display in navigation field’.Repeat  this  step  for all other unused libraries. In order to display individual entries again, click ‘Libraries’ in Explorer. Then right click the desired element and select the context command ‘Display in navigation field’.
              The main entry ‘Libraries’ cannot be deleted so easily. To do this, a detour Additional clocks can be placed in the system tray to help you work better with international clients.3Add the cool Expose feature to Windows XP with this simple free tool.via the registry is necessary. Type ‘regedit’ in the search fi eld of the Start menu, press Enter, and confirm the user account control prompt by clicking ‘Yes’. Now navigate to the key‘HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Desktop\NameSpace’. Then select the sub-key ‘{O31E48257B94-4dc3-B131-E946B44C8DD5}’ and open ‘File | Export’. Then select a safe storage location, enter a file  name  such  as  ‘Explorerlibraries’ and  click  ‘Save’.  This  is  to  back  up  the entry. Then simply delete the subkey in the Registry Editor and confirm with ‘Yes’. Now close the registry and restart Windows Explorer. A system restart is not required.
             In order to display the libraries again, double click the exported REG file and confirm the requests for user account control and adding values into the registry with ‘Yes’. The libraries will be visible once again the next time you start Explorer.


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