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Monday, September 19, 2011

Define specific cells as per the maximum value( Microsoft Excel)

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                 You want to display the content of one result  cell  in  another  which  is  to  the left of the relevant maximum value of a specific data fi eld in the table sheet.
                 This task can be carried out using a combination of three simple functions.The functions are used in one single formula. Just imagine: The fields “B1” to “B4”  contain  four  numbers.  If  the  largest number  is  in  “B3”,  the  result  cell  should return the value from “A3”. For this, enter the formula given here:
“MAX(B1:B4) first identifies the largest value from the data set. This value serves as a search criterion for the comparison that is extended to the search matrix “B1:B4”. With the comparison type “0”, the function identifies the position of the first value from the search matrix that is identical to the search criteria.
                The matrix variant of the “INDEX” function then uses the searched value from the value matrix “A1:A4” that is located in the fi rst column of the row defined by the comparison.


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