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Monday, September 19, 2011

Configure multifunctional homepage(Chrome 4.x onwards)

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                  In Chrome, the automatically generated selection for new tabs is really practical. Still, you can customize the homepage in the browser for quick selection and other functions. A free Chrome extension called Incredible Start page helps you confi gure your Chrome homepage.
                   You can customize Chrome to your liking with the free Incredible Start page extension, which you can easily find online. Once you reach the extensions page, confirm the installation and allow access  to  personal  data  by  clicking ‘Install’. Now open a new tab. To the left, you will see a list of the last closed tabs as  well  as  the  bookmarks.  To  the  right, the large field of ers a quick selection for a specific  folder  of  bookmarks.  To  change the displayed contents, navigate to the desired bookmark folder, and click ‘Show as main’ button at the base of the dialog. Other bookmarks can also be added to the right via drag-and-drop.
                 You can personalize colors and the background  image  by  clicking  ‘Theme Options’. To use your own picture, click ‘Custom’ under ‘Wallpapers’. In the next dialog box, enter the URL of the desired photo and confirm with ‘Save’. You can also use photos from Flickr as a background. You can add notes for quick access on the yellow notepad that you can send to G mail or to Google calendar with the allocated links. With the ‘Advanced Options’ link, you can change the number of the recently closed tabs  that  should  be  visible  on  the  page in the ‘Maximum recently closed tabs’ combination fi eld.


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